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Savannah Divorce Lawyer  Patricia StoneDivorce attorneys at Stone Law, LLC in Savannah, Georgia are consistently considered amongst the best lawyers in Savannah.  Stone Law is the only Savannah family law practice to include an attorney who also serves as a Senior Juvenile Court Judge in Georgia’s courts.  Stone Law, LLC’s unparalleled experience has given them an equally impressive history of successful resolutions for clients on issues of divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic violence and substance abuse.

From divorce to child custody issues, the skilled, experienced lawyers at Stone Law, LLC have a proven track record of positive results for clients.  Divorce attorneys at Stone Law, LLC are respected and sought after because of their significant experience, expertise, and depth of knowledge about what is best for children.  Our attorneys are willing to work amicably with other parties without tolerating unnecessary compromises. 

Here is an overview of the types of family law issues Stone Law, LLC handles on behalf of clients:

Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution is the legal term for what we all know as “divorce.” You probably never thought of your marriage as a contract, but the law does.  Divorce typically involves a filing a lawsuit to end or dissolve the marriage contract binding two individuals under the law.  Both parties need to be released from the terms and conditions of the marriage now that you’ve decided to end it.

From custody disputes with a determination of child support to the division of property, divorce can be a highly emotional, contentious experience. Thoughtful, informed legal guidance is critical. The lawyers at Stone Law, LLC help couples terminate their marriages and settle issues strategically, while strongly advocating on behalf of their clients.

Divorce Mediation and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

You have a number of options for getting divorced short of a public hearing where everyone’s business is laid out for the world to see. Sometimes your divorce can be resolved informally, either because your attorneys are able to negotiate a settlement or because the parties participate in mediation.

Many divorce cases end through mediation, whether the parties are ordered to mediation or voluntarily choose to participate. At mediation, a third-party neutral facilitates communication between the parties to negotiate a settlement of some or all of the issues in a divorce.  Mediation can be an excellent tool for resolving an entire case or settling some of the issues so that your time and resources can be spent on the more contentious matters. You have more control when deciding yourself on the equitable division of property, child support, custody, holiday visitation, who gets which tie-breaker, etc. through informal settlement negotiations or mediation, rather than asking the judge to make all of those decisions. The judge’s decision might make no one happy and could leave you feeling like you have no control over your future.  Mediation saves time, money and the emotional stress of going through litigation in court.

Settlement, whether informal or after mediation, can provide certainty in what is often an uncertain time in our clients’ lives.  We can help you decide when and where informal settlement or mediation may help your case and when it will not.  The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC are focused on strategic solutions that keep the long-term in mind (especially when there are children involved). With profound knowledge of the Georgia legal system, we enable clients to explore a range of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods to minimize the impact of divorce on children. There is often more than one way to bring a case home. Our team uses all available tools to provide you with the representation, advocacy and attention to detail that your case deserves.

Child Custody

The stakes are often higher in a divorce involving minor children. The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC understand the difficulties children face following a heated custody dispute, as well as the negative impact of substance abuse on families. We are keenly aware of the support and services children need to navigate their parents’ divorce, and we make every effort to look out for their best interests. 

The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC are strong advocates for children and families going through the process of divorce.  They understand that important decisions must be made about a child’s welfare, education and health. Stone Law, LLC works to help clients get the best custody result through a hearing, mediation or trial on custody issues. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients have the best outcome while protecting children throughout the custody process.

Child Support

It takes an incredible investment of time, money and energy required to raise a child.  The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC carefully evaluate the expected educational and medical expenses of each child, including those with special needs.  As attorneys who also focus on special education law in schools, they also have a unique perspective to effectively advocate and plan for the needs of disabled children.

A variety of factors are considered when determining child support, including parental income and children’s expenses, such as health insurance, educational expenses and child care costs. The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC have the combination of experience and expertise to help you advocate on behalf of your children for the best possible child support award.

Division of Property

When a marriage is dissolved, the parties are required by law to divide property that was acquired during the course of the marriage. This process can be simple or complex, depending upon the type of assets and property involved.

Marital property — like a business, a retirement account or a commercial real estate investment — is not necessarily “split down the middle” between the two parties. There are a variety of factors that come into play under the law. The lawyers at Stone Law, LLC have extensive experience handling complex divisions of property and can help to ensure the best possible outcome on behalf of clients.

Domestic Violence

If you have been physically or sexually assaulted or have experienced invasions of privacy, forced isolation, threats or stalking, you may be a victim of domestic violence. You are not alone. Domestic abuse is a serious matter that requires vigorous representation by an attorney with experience in family law and the criminal justice system. With legal experience in both areas of law, we help clients navigate within the criminal system while fighting for clients and their children. The attorneys at Stone Law, LLC can help to remove you and your children from a harmful environment and pursue charges against your abusive spouse. 

Child Abuse and Neglect

If your case involves allegations of child abuse or child neglect, we can help.  Our attorneys have significant experience handling cases involving the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS), also known as Child Protective Services (CPS).  We are able to navigate the system involving child dependency in the family law context.

Post-Decree Litigation

After a divorce is final, circumstances can change over time.  A modification of child custody or child support may be necessary.  Divorced couples may need to return to court for post-decree litigation in order to change visitation rights, child support and other important matters.

In addition, some parties do not comply with court orders.  Should your former spouse refuse to pay the full amount of child support or alimony decreed by the court in a timely manner, or refuse to abide by the parenting plan ordered by the court, the lawyers at Stone Law, LLC can help you hold your former spouse accountable through a motion for contempt.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Protect yourself and your property from possible divorce litigation with a pre-nuptial agreement before your marriage begins. While a pre-marriage contract cannot specify child support amounts, the agreement can detail alimony payments, prevent you from taking on your spouse’s debt and help you safeguard precious family keepsakes. The family law attorneys at Stone Law, LLC can draft a pre-nuptial agreement and help you through the process.

Stone Law, LLC can help clients with a wide range of family law-related matters. The firm’s professionals offer the experience, compassion and insight to provide valuable guidance through some of life’s most complex issues.

If you would like to discuss an issue with one of Stone Law, LLC’s experienced attorneys, please call 912-999-8255 or send a message through the firm’s Contact page. 

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Divorce attorneys from the law firm of Stone Law have helped families in some of the most stressful and difficult situations.  They can help you get the divorce, custody, and support agreement that is best for you and for your family.


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I am so grateful to Tricia Stone and the wonderful way she handled my divorce case. She listened to my concerns and guided me through the complicated legal process. She will try to work things out amicably, but she is also willing to fight when needed! I trust her completely.

Former Client, Divorce

“There aren’t enough words in the English language to express how wonderful Patricia Stone is. Not only is she an AMAZING attorney, she is a wonderful person inside and out. She cares immensely for her clients, has excelled attention to detail, and goes above and beyond. She has done and continues to do wonders for my case. More than I ever expected any attorney to do. Her experience as a senior judge, assistant district attorney, and mediator shines through!! You won’t be disappointed hiring her!”

Former Client, Divorce

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